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The launch of Damasque is an exciting and ground breaking new development in the world of floristry.

Damasque will be a new international luxury brand in the same club as Chanel, Prada, Dior and Louis Vuitton. At the heart of Damasque is the promise of overwhelming sensual pleasure and the reckless seductive abandon that only the best flowers and florists can deliver. An enchanting world made up of stunning displays, visual excitement, dazzling colours, intoxicating perfume, the softest and silkiest of touches….

Exclusively available only to the top florists in Europe it will take inspiration from a carefully selected assortment of premium graded scented roses from the Tambuzi farm in Kenya.

Our goal is to create and shape the Damasque brand together with a very select list of florists, designers and growers. We will become the floral luxury brand where the finest growers can showcase or introduce their specialties. Exclusivity will be guaranteed as Damasque flowers will not be sold in the free market and are available only to its member florists.

Currently Damasque is in the process of finding and selecting the top florists in Europe. We are looking only for those florists who are indisputably ‘best in class’ and who have a reputation to match. All our Florist members will be able to source Damasque flowers from our preselected preferred flower exporters and wholesalers.

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With Damasque roses you offer your clients a true exclusive luxury product. The shape, the colour and in particular the scent gives an extra dimension. Damasque helps you to really differentiate you from others. Damasque retailers have exclusivity in their district, town or region and full say over the allocation of other Damasque resellers in their immediate area.

Apart from exclusivity in your region your shop will be showcased in the store locator on All Damasque resellers will be provided with unique POS material such as a display, cards and bags.

Resellers place their orders directly at Damasque.  Damasque roses will be delivered by recommended flower wholesalers in your region to ensure the roses arrive in top condition.

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